What love?!

You and I do not deserve salvation. Our sin does not merit such mercy.

  • Why did God redeem you?
  • Why did Jesus pay the ultimate price for your redemption?
  • Why does God continue to give His unconditional love to a people who continually throw it away?

    It’s not because we deserve it; it’s because His mercy demands it. Aren’t you glad God does not treat us as our sin deserves?

    Psalm 103:10 He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.


God chose you and loves you. This love story is your story. Even if you are faithless, He will remain faithful.

  • If you are enslaved, God will buy you back.
  • If you are lost, God will find you.
  • If you are ashamed, God will cover you.
  • If you wander off, God will bring you home.
  • If you give up on Him, God will not give up on you.
  • No matter where you are, God sees who you are, and He loves you.


Through the story of Hosea, God tenderly touches your arm and whispers, “Come home. My love sets you free. When you get tired of striving and wandering, I’ll be there to draw you to Myself again and remind you who you are in Christ.”

How Your Story Connects with Hosea’s

He bought us back.

God’s response to you is the same as it was to Israel. He will heal your faithlessness. He will love you freely. God has written on your very life the words I love you. He values you so much that He enters into covenant with you, redeems you and remains faithful to you.

May we never carelessly throw away what cost God so much. Oh, what love!

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  1. DocMonty Says:

    Excellent! Now I’m going to have to read Hosea again. Thank you.

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